Howard Alum’s Vegan Cookies for Sale in Whole Foods Supermarkets

By Brookie Madison, Contributing Writer

Howard University Alum, Jimmy Prude, recently celebrated the stocking of his vegan cookies into Whole Foods supermarket in Chicago. His cookies, Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, are a popular craving among vegans and non-vegans.

Prude founded and launched his cookies in 2011, initially as a connector to people in his community, but soon realized how quickly its taste was desired.

On, Prude said, “My goal was to create a vegan cookie, that satisfied the sweetest of pallets, while still provided a healthy introduction to the world of vegan foods.”

Prude first found his interest in health when working as a community organizer for the Auburn Gresham neighborhood in Chicago. He combined his skills acquired from his business degree from Howard with his interest in health and technology to come up with the healthy lifestyles campaign, which help residents include plant strong food into their eating habits.

Prude’s first batch of cookies sold out of 95 containers within four hours. Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies are available in the Loaded Vegan, which includes vegan dark chocolate chips, while the Dark-berry Vegan includes cranberries and vegan dark chocolate chips. Prude calls his formula for vegan cookies “a guilt free indulgence.”

Prude became a vegan 10 years ago because of family health issues and traits he could possibly develop. He created his Vegan cookies to help suffice his own sweet tooth. Luckily, Prude’s cookies became popular, allowing his keen taste for sweets to be shared with whomever.



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