Farewell Obama

By: Tanasia Smith, Contributing Writer

Students at Howard University have begun to bid farewell to the first and only Black president the U.S. has had, President Obama.

At the 2016 Election Watch Party held in Blackburn Ballroom by HUSA on November 8 about 200 students watched CNN’s coverage of the historic election. Everyone was nervous about the race to reach 270 votes in the electoral college. Students cheered at the advances by Clinton, and booed at Trump’s shocking victories. Although this generation of students grew up with President Obama in office, eight years was not enough.

“It takes away from the safeness aspect of knowing that a Black person was there having our good favor,” said Roosevelt Augustin, 20-year-old sophomore from Florida, emphasizing that the security Obama gave the African-American community would not be matched in the next four years.

Others were sad because they were going to miss the charismatic president. “I’m going to miss his wittiness and his culture. He gives us that taste of ‘Yes, I’m Black’,” said Shaquille Frederick, a junior from New York. “He was one of the most human presidents.” The fact that Obama was African-American sat well and made him relatable to the students.

“I will miss [the Obamas’] good representation of our country — such a wholesome representation, especially as an African-American family,” said Freshman Isaiah Dawson, who believed the First Family exemplified Black Excellence and managed to stay scandal-free during the past eight years.

Dawson also appreciated the work the Obama administration did for the LGBT community. “They’ve always advocated for our rights as Black people, and they’ve always advocated for LGBT rights.”

Although Dawson voted for Clinton, he said, “We’ll never have another president like Obama. I don’t think there will ever be anyone to match his image and even his intellect.

With Obama leaving The White House in the next couple months, students were fearing what the future of this country holds. “I never had to wake up thinking about if my president is going to do something dumb or something that is going to drastically affect my life in a negative way,” said Sophomore Tiffany Atkinson from New York.

Other students proclaimed their love for Obama by complimenting his style and demeanor. “Obama had the flare and the attitude, yet he carried himself with class,” said junior Jonathan Joseph from New York.

Even though Trump will be entering the oval office come January 20, President Obama’s legacy as the first black president who also had class, style, and culture will never leave Howard students.


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