Man-On-The-Street: How to deal with stress during finals week

By: Kiana Kisino, Contributing Writer

Finals time is here! Finals may be the most stressful time of the semester for majority college students. With the holidays quickly approaching, everything due around the same time, and your GPA struggling to stay afloat, the word “finals” could be enough to make you scream.

A few students reflect on what they have done in the past to keep them sane during finals week and leave some advice for those who are having a hard time balancing different tasks.

“During finals time I try to make sure that my organization is pretty immaculate,” said Megan Cutchins, senior film major. “I make a schedule and spread out how I’ll tackle papers and everything else that is going to be due. It leaves no room for error and it makes it easier to stay calm during this busy time of the year.” The Las Vegas native says to visit professors ahead of time and be sure to set aside some alone time to avoid running yourself in the ground.

“I try not to stress during this time of year, because I know that things will get better,” said Rashad Lee, junior film major. “This semester I don’t have many tests and things due, so I’m not really stressed. In previous years, I would take time to relax whenever possible and listen to gospel music.” The Los Angeles resident says to be sure to get enough sleep during finals and to not overthink.

“I avoid stress during finals week by making sure I eat three times a day as well as get enough sleep,” said Kayla Irby, junior journalism major. “I try to get my work done during the week, so I’m not killing myself on the weekends. I take a few breaks in between work to avoid being overwhelmed.” The Delaware-based student says the motivational talk that she receives from her parents is what helps her most during this time.

The ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) lists different ways to cope with anxiety during finals and any other stressful times. By eating balanced meals, exercising, and maintaining a positive attitude, these are a few quick tips that will help during the times of stress. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is beneficial, because it “aggravates anxiety and triggers panic attacks.” The practice of time management will limit stress levels and allows for more productivity. For more information, visit


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