Man on the Street: 2016’s Person of the Year

By: Anari Ormond, Contributing Writer

Following names like Pope Francis and Mark Zuckerburg, Donald Trump has earned himself the 2016 title “Person Of the Year” by TIME Magazine. This title has sparked up a lot of conversation and controversy.

In the past, the person to fill this spot has typically had a positive impact on the world. However, as TIME has stated in the past, “it is the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year, for better or for worse.” TIME simply selects whomever they feel has had the greatest impact this year and in this case, it is President-elect Trump . Regardless of their qualifications, many are still up in arms about the choice.

“It is insane that he was voted Person of the Year. First, President-elect and now this,” said Donice Forman, 32. “It’s absolutely insane that you can be the Person of the Year with everything that you stand for. I just keep waking up everyday hoping that this is a dream. I really can’t believe that this man is going to be our president.”

According to Nancy Gibbs, the Editor-in-Chief of TIME, Trump was chosen because he is the most influential person of the year. His presence in the election created a divide within the nation and sent voters into a frenzy of whether or not he is the right person for this country.

“Once it’s explained why they picked him, I get it. I’m not saying that I would’ve chosen him, but I definitely do understand why they did,” said Teanna Johnson, 20.

Despite many refusing to accept him receiving this title, not everyone feels this way. In fact, the past five presidential winners have been featured on this annual edition of TIME, revealing that Trump’s cover should’ve been expected.

“Donald Trump is a great business man and an overall influential guy,” said Jenna Rayeske, a Trump supporter. “Anybody would be hateful to say that he doesn’t deserve this title.”

The Person of the Year has always experienced backlash when it is not a “positive” person on the cover. The general feeling about this magazine cover is that it isn’t big enough ‘fish to fry’ in comparison to the next four years.

“He’s the president elect,” said Harry Ajagu, 21. “I couldn’t care less if he was elected the Person of the Year. This year has proven that he has quite a bit of influence.”

Regardless of anyone’s stance on Trump, it is clear that the media has revolved around his unpredictable turnout. TIME’s Person of the Year will continue to acknowledge the world’s most influential leaders, good or bad.


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