Check Out These Amazing Vendors From Pitchfork Music Festival

By: Maya Reese

Amongst the many different things an individual may experience at Pitchfork, the vendors alone were very impressive. Outside of the unique and distinguishing items sold at each stand, what genuinely stood out were the strong entrepreneurial skills of the vendor owners. Below are eight vendors that absolutely rocked the festival.

  1. Future Garb

Referred to by the owner as “stylish survival,” this vendor sold a variety of items you may find on an awesome music festival survival guide, including hats, scarves, sunglasses, blankets, and flip flops.


2. Baraka

This vendor, found only at music festivals, sells ethnic jewelry and handicrafts. The art shirts hanging on the top row in the picture below are hand-designed from India and Thailand.

3. Buffalo Exchange

With a store located in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, Buffalo Exchange accepts, cleans, and resells clothes. They accept items such as sunglasses, floppy hats, pins, shoes, and clothes. The store encourages people to sell their clothes back!

4. MADE Gallery

Located at 1430 W. Chicago, this vendor specializes in sneakers and jewelry, but also sells pins, hats, tee shirts, lighters, and bandanas. They pride themselves with putting the Chicago flag on their quality items. Known as a glass gallery, the owner describes the store as giving “deeply indebted Chicago vibes.”


5. The Suns Out

As you can probably tell by the name, this vendor aims to provide light-hearted and funny clothing. It its fourth year of production, this vendor aims to have a nostalgic, yet adventurous vibe. The pieces ranged from corky to silly to old school pieces.

6. Ariel La Boutique

This vendor prides herself in her hand-crafted jewelry. Her wired necklaces are her best pieces, being that they are so intricate. Coming straight from India, Nepal and Thailand, the bohemian clothing will never go out of style. Another item pictured below are her handmade tapestries.



7. Coco Loco

Here’s another vendor that offers handmade jewelry, but this time with a twist! The pieces can be described as relaxed, yet noticeable. The owner travels from Santa Cruz to bring these exclusive items to his customers. He brings his light earrings and winged jewelry to festivals across the country, most notably sitting them in uncooked rice to create soft and appealing tones.

8. Festy Besty

Girls just want to have fun! With the pieces from this vendor, you’ll be ready for any and every thing life throws your way. Having a demographic of sexy women in their mid-20s and early 30’s, this women’s empowerment brand sells belly accessories, sunglass, and hats each around $20-30.





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