Howard Students Meet Their Favorite YouTube Stars at #YouTubeBlackFanfest

By: Morgan Richard @mxrganchanel

Lights, camera, action!

“I’m so excited to be here and to be able to see my favorite YouTubers performing! This year’s homecoming is starting off great.” – HU Student

Howard University hosted the very first #YouTubeBlackFanFest to kick off the year of the 150th Homecoming on October 17th. Howard Students found themselves running behind the tour busses of their favorite content creators with hopes of snapping photos to commemorate the moment.

It was a night for the books. The Howard University Showtime Marching Band opened up the show creating an energy that lets you know Homecoming is about to commence! Over 100 of the top Black YouTube creators such as Kingsley, Domo and Crissy, JayVersace and many more joined HU students in the audience to watch the star-studded show. The line-up included Alonzo Lerone, Amber’s Closet, Daina, Dormtainment, Miles Jai, RandomStructureTV, Spoken Reasons, Summerella, Teala Dunn, Tre Melvin, TPindell, and VanJess. The night was topped off with a performance by the rising R&B star Daniel Caesar, who performed hits such as “Best Part” and “Get You.”

The hilarious TPindell hosted the show while making the audience laugh with jokes about being a broke college student, homecoming worst behavior, and his shirt being a little too tight. The performances of the night included original song pieces, skits, and spoken word. It was a night many Howard Students won’t forget, and it’s safe to say the first FanFest started at the right venue, the Mecca.

If you didn’t have a chance to go, don’t worry, Spotlight has you covered!

Below you can check out a few of the YouTube Black performances ranging from the opening of The HU Showtime Marching band to the close of Daniel Caesar!

Howard University Showtime Marching Band




Daniel Ceasar


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