Future of Sports: The “Experiential Art Installation”

By: Kyle Hudson

Shooting a basketball, playing tennis, or serving a volleyball are typically activities done in a gymnasium or an outdoor sports complex.  However, Future of Sports allows you to do all three activities and more in the confines of 17,000 square feet.

Future of Sports is a new art installation pop-up on in Northeast D.C. that celebrates the love of sports as well as the love of innovation and creativity.  Featuring 10 interactive exhibits for all ages, Future of Sports creates a unique experience for all attendees and incorporates all facets of D.C. living.


Future of Sports debuted on Oct. 6 as an extension of Made in the District: A media platform creative agency and experiential event firm under the creative direction and vision of Nicole Pinedo, the firm’s founder.  As an athlete herself, the daughter of Mario Pinedo, a former FIFA World Cup competitor, took her love for sports and developed it into an interactive sanctuary that everyone can enjoy.

“Future of Sports brings something different. It gives you an opportunity to do something different than just being in the political scene or just being in the high art scene or just be in the party scene. You’re able to come here, have fun, and experience art and be apart of something super innovative,” said Alison Carney, a member of the Future of Sports team.

(Above: An exhibit from Future of Sports in the District of Columbia.)

“Future of Sports creates a comfortability that you don’t see in other galleries. The simple fact that it is interactive makes you feel more comfortable appreciating and understanding the art because you don’t have to make sure you haven’t knocked anything over or messed anything up every five seconds,” says Jessica Jones, a visiting attendee.

Although the exhibit is interactive, the members of the Future of Sports team want to emphasize the importance of “respecting the art.”

“I like the idea of it being called an exhibit but having a museum feel to it. We say that because just as if you were going to these other different museums you respect the art.  We really want people to recognize and value all the time and effort that was put into creating and curating our vision,” said Muhada Afrah, a member of the Future of Sports Team.

Unfortunately, the Future of Sports exhibition has limited time in D.C. but the Future of Sports team has big plans for the future of this art installation.

“I think it’s really about dreaming big and thinking big. We are apart of something really great in the D.C. area and I really do see us expanding to all these different cities and even countries and making sure everyone can enjoy this experience,” said Afrah.

Future of Sports leaves Washington, D.C. on November 30th, however, you can keep up with the installation’s movement by following @thefutureofsports on Instagram or by visiting the Future of Sports website.


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