Fairmont’s 14th Annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony

By: Charity Hester

Families gathered around the Fairmont hotel’s decorated Christmas themed courtyard as the Georgetown Madrigals choir graced the audience with Christmas carols. Hot cocoa warming their hands and gingerbread cookies filling their mouths, the small children anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival following the lighting of the courtyard.

The Fairmont hotel held its 14th annual Christmas lighting ceremony in their newly, renovated courtyard for the first time in D.C on Nov. 28

. The Christmas lighting ceremony was put in place to bring families together for the holidays with Christmas treats, arts and crafts, and a special visit from Santa Claus for the children. The ceremony was free and open for all to come and support The U.S Marine Corps’ Toys for tots program. Toys for Tots Program is a non-profit organization that collects toys throughout the holiday season and delivers gifts to less fortunate children.

This year was different than the past years of Fairmont’s Christmas lighting ceremony, because it was the first year being hosted outside in the newly decorated courtyard. The change was a brand new experience for many guests as well as employees. According to Rachel Vance, an employee at the Fairmont hotel,  “this year was more cozier because it’s more spacious in the courtyard than the lobby, and we just redecorated the courtyard and wanted to showcase it,” said Raquel Vance, who works in accounting at the Fairmont.

Families in the area and families that don’t live in the area make this a tradition every year right after the Thanksgiving holiday. The Fairmont makes it kind of hard to miss the event with all that they have to offer, “ we attend every year, it’s a cute atmosphere and you get to get your Christmas pictures in while participating in arts and crafts with your kid. I wouldn’t want to miss this,” said an every-year guest, Ladale Johnson.

The Fairmont has grabbed the attention of newcomers with their festive nature and welcoming activities. “This is our first Christmas in the U.S and we live near the hotel, so we decided to show our kids something nice for the holidays and thought this would be a great first event to start of  the Christmas season,” says U.K. native James Champion.

Be sure to check out the Fairmont to see any upcoming activities they will be hosting.

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