Nobu: Bringing Together Food, Friends, and Family in D.C

By: Meldon Dickens II

D.C. residents may be trading in their forks for chopsticks this fall as international restaurant chain Nobu opened up a location in the West End area of Washington D.C. The introduction of the high-class restaurant to D.C. brings a special addition of both food and culture, so visitors have another place to connect in D.C.

Two friends, Elizabeth Pal and Michelle Wesley met up for dinner at Nobu to catch up with one another. Wesley traveled all the way from Cleveland to visit but had made the trip several times before.  “It’s really good. I think it’s worth it. Good sushi is hard to find.” Wesley said “You eat sushi at Nobu and are impressed. And then you eat from somewhere else and it’s just disappointing.”

After visiting Nobu locations in Aspen and New York, Wesley was inspired to try Nobu’s new location in D.C.  “It’s a fun group session. You go for a night out, but you don’t order your own dish and just eat. That’s not how you do it. You and your friends have to all order different dishes from the menu and share from the different plates. It is a good feeling,” said Wesley. The experience, food, and atmosphere Pal had at other Nobu locations gave her a confidence to try the new Nobu in D.C. “People go to restaurants nowadays because it is a trend or just to see who is there, but there is no reason to go there if the food is bad. Nobu has good food. You go out to have a good time,” said Pal.

Pal and Wesley were not the only ones who picked Nobu as their spot to reconnect as a family. CJ Guinness came into town all the way from New York to eat at Nobu with his father Os, who was celebrating his 76th birthday along with his wife, Jenny. The Guinness family came together to eat and enjoy a drink as a family. “We came here because we’ve had good experiences past times we have gone to Nobu,” Os Guiness said. “It is very sophisticated, but it still isn’t too uptight. Everyone has been very nice and hospitable to us here.”

Jenny Guinness had been to locations with differing atmospheres than the D.C. location but was confident that Nobu would live up to its high standards. “The Malibu location was very beachy and relatively small. It had paparazzi in hedges trying to capture pictures of celebrities. We had fabulous experience in the London and Malibu and that had a huge impact on the choice of restaurant. We made good memories,” Guinness said.

Picture1Sushi-lovers in D.C can visit Nobu between the hours of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The restaurant is located in the West End area of Washington D.C. at 2525 M St. NW Washington D.C. 20037. Nobu continues to bring together food, friends, and family by bringing people around the world back to the table. While Nobu may be known for its appetizing food, CJ Guinness says, “It’s not just about the food. People make it about food, and yes, you want it to be good, but it is about the community of it. You don’t want to sit down around a table and talk about food for two hours, but you want to connect.”


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