Wonder Where All the Top-Suited Millennials are Headed? Stop at Kinship to Find Out

By: Amiyah King

Crusted with an array of broiled cheeses, the small bowl rose to a boiling temperature and bubbled at its peak. French onion soup is one of the best appetizers at Kinship. The soft jazz in the background added to the aura of tranquility in the restaurant.

Many people hold a great deal of value in the atmosphere of eateries in which they dine.  Consumers are less likely to spend and dine in restaurants where they are not comfortable. Located in Chinatown, Ward 2 in Washington, D.C. on Seventh Street is a small American restaurant formally known as Kinship. The place is physically standing in a building that ages over 100 years. Its historic location contributes to the overall experience of fine dining and an appreciation for D.C. culture. Chef Eric Ziebold and his partner, Celia Laurent, started the restaurant with the intent of capturing the melting pot of American culture America in its menu. The menu, spreading over four pages incorporates traditional American dishes as well as various a la carte options.

Tourist Elizabeth Walter visited the restaurant on an impulse after her limited research of the Chinatown area. Walter said, “I appreciate the portion sizes in relation to its prices, you can get a really good meal, fine dining experience all for a reasonable cost.”

Others have different opinions on Kinship. “I wouldn’t come here every day. I mean, the food is amazing and unlike any other dish I’ve had but it’s not an every-day spot” said Whitney Reece, a woman who was surprised with a visit to Kinship by her fiancé.

Tylee Johnson, seemed in a rush but managed to stop at his weekly go-to.  He said he “comes alone to enjoy the space—the food is just a plus.”  Tylee said he’s been frequent at Kinship since before its remodel. The restaurant provides a sense of familiarity within the community and its increasing outreach grows daily. This place is also for special events, or a relaxing lunch to break a busy work day. Kinship has a growing impact on the middle class of Ward 2.

Kinship welcomes guests for all occasions. As a fairly new establishment, Ziebold’s brainchild has become a melting pot of cultures in D.C.


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