Patriots and Eagles Fans Share Excitement Ahead of Super Bowl LII

By: Marissa Watts

13 years ago, the New England Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21 in Super Bowl XXXIX.  This year, Super Bowl Lll will be a rematch between the two for the Lombardi trophy in Minnesota. The Patriots have won five Super Bowl championships, including two in the past five years. They have been under the direction of what’s being called the “dynamic duo,” which consists of head coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady, since 2000. Together, they have made magic. Brady was drafted to the Patriots in 2000, the same year Belichick was hired. Since 2001, Belichick has led the Pats to a winning record for 16 consecutive seasons. He has 26 postseason wins under his belt and 14 AFC division titles which are both the most in NFL history. Brady also holds the title as the quarterback with the most championship wins in history. Together, their run is one of the best the NFL fans have ever seen which makes it hard for anyone to ‘bet against Brady.’ Patriots fans are accustomed to being in the Super Bowl, so they are geared and ready to win their sixth ring with Brady.

Eagles fans, on the other hand, are excited beyond control after this year’s fairytale season. Head quarterback Carson Wentz led the Eagles to the best season they have had since 2004. That was the last time they were in the Super Bowl, battling against the Patriots. Wentz impressed fans in only his second season leading the Eagles to a 12-2 record before he tore his ACL against the Rams in week 14. The starting quarterback was out for the rest of the season worrying fans that the best season they’ve had in over a decade would go out of the window. Second string quarterback, Nick Foles, had another plan of action. His very first game this year, he threw four touchdowns against the Giants and continued to produce after that. He thoroughly impressed fans by knocking out the Atlanta Falcons, whom the Patriots beat in the Super Bowl last year. The fairytale did not end there for Foles. The Eagles then went on to knock out the Minnesota Vikings 38-7. Foles threw for 352 yards completing 26 out of 33 passes giving his fans confidence that he can and will produce moving forward to the Super Bowl.

Some are saying it is the year of “The Goat” and others are saying it is the year of the fairytale. Will Tom Brady win his sixth NFL championship? Or will the second string quarterback lead the Eagles to their first ever championship? There are also the fans whose teams are no longer competing and women around the world who just love the atmosphere of the Super Bowl. The parties, the drinks, the commercials are all involved in one of America’s favorite Sundays of the year.


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