Creed 2: A Classic Boxing Story Doubling As A Needed Love Story.

By: Nayo Campbell


Michael B. Jordan. Michael B. Jordan. Michael BAE. Jordan. That’s all you really need to say to get girls young and old out to the theater to see the new movie Creed 2. You only need to say the name once but I said it three times for your suspense. But for those wondering if the movie is actually something worth watching. My vote is yes.

In my opinion, the movie follows up the first film perfectly. Although the film wasnt directed by Ryan Coogler his USC classmate Stephen Caple JR. has definitely solidified his name as a director to watch. The movie brought back all of our favorite from Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Michael B. Jordan and even introduced a few on-screen favorites.

Not only did the story capture the famed boxing story and relationship with Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa. But this time around the film pulled on your heart strings a little more with Adonis and Bianca. Creed decides to propose to Bianca early on in the movie confessing his need to have her by his side. Throughout the movie, you continue to see her loyalty as he figures out the man he wants to be both inside and out the ring.thPD1I2TJM

Adonis fights an inner battle with himself regarding the need to risk his life or defend his father’s name. This battle not only affects him but of course the people who are the closest to him and love him most. Many women could have easily walked away but Bianca chose to stand by Creed and support him while on his journey.

The movie also expands on Creeds relationship and loyalty to Balboa. Through Balboa’s sickness, he stood by his side taking the role of not only a trainee but as a son. Like most Rocky Films there is an underlying message. In my opinion, this film underlying message is even when you don’t get the outcome will you try again. Adonis proves that he will keep on trying until he succeeds.

Whether you’re looking for a film on love, you’re a fan of the Rocky Franchise, you love Michael B Jordan, or just need a movie to watch for the holidays this is the movie for you! The actors in the film prove why this franchise is a such a success and continues to keep you itching for more.

Creed 2 can be found in Theaters nationwide.

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